Hold on for a month before investing in property in Lucknow

LUCKNOW: Those looking for investment in property in a housing project are advised to wait till next month and confirm whether the housing project is planned and approved by the Lucknow Development Authority or not. Rising number of complaints related to ‘illegal plotting and fraudulent township development’ in the city has led to the district magistrate asking SDMs, tehsildars and LDA engineers to enquire into the authenticity of these projects by checking all relevant documents, maps and NOCs and submit a report to him by June first week.

LDA, the nodal agency to approve housing projects, estimates that there are over 100 such illegal schemes in the city, especially on the highways. The in-charge of regulation of building operations (RBO), LDA said, “We will soon probe into the authenticity of these projects following DM’s order. We see many such projects mushrooming in the outskirts of city which don’t take permission from LDA and sell plots and housing units without giving proper infrastructure to people.”

The DM has asked engineers to do survey of these projects and conduct videography of the inspection of various housing schemes. He asked to prepare a database of such fraudulent schemes by June so that necessary action can be taken. He said, “If not checked now, these unplanned colonies will grow as city slums in future, deprived of basic facilities like water-supply, sewerage, drainage connections, lights, roads, etc. These will put excess burden on existing infrastructure causing problems to rest of the city.”

He added that the action will help in assessment of ground situation of unplanned growth, so that action can be taken against illegal developers and plotters. Often in the outskirts, builders buy lands from farmers at cheap rates and plot land without permission from LDA. Some of them get maps approved through local zila panchayats of villages. Since they don’t abide by LDA rules, builders ignore the bye-laws and provide poor facilities to people.

LDA officials said, “Since they don’t get map approved by LDA, builders save on development fee. This lowers rate of housing units in these projects significantly. Often people get tempted by their cheap prices and unknowingly get duped by putting money in the projects.”

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