Home buyers push states for implementation of RERA

NOIDA: Home buyers from across NCR, who had united to launch the Fight for RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) group, have taken their movement to the next level the states. In fact, these home buyers are now creating smaller groups to push for the implementation of the RERA Act at the state level.

“At the Centre, the RERA bill has been unanimously passed. We hope the state governments also follow suit. We are now reaching out to home buyers’ associations all over the country, at state levels. Every state should now have a ‘Fight for RERA’ group. This is especially important for those states that are currently witnessing a good extent of real estate development,” Shweta Bharti, co-founder, Fight for RERA, and general secretary of Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association, said.

“Ultimately the issues related to home buying will need to be sorted out at the state level, getting the act passed in Parliament has been only one half of the struggle. The actual struggle is to get the law adapted by the state assemblies. And the local groups of RERA in every state will help to push that forward,” Indrish Gupta, co-founder, Fight for RERA said.

The group said there is a need for clarification on the implementation of RERA. “Once it comes to the state level, the ground realities of this act will surface. We are mobilising activity at state level, across the country to keep the ball rolling,” Alok Kumar, co-founder, Fight for RERA, and president of Ghaziabad Apartment Owners Welfare Association, said.

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