Home loans available in India

Choosing a right home is very important but equally important is finalising the best loan that suits your requirement. Considering a home loan is probably the longest financial commitment for most of us, a systematic approach in the making is important.

The process of seeking a home loan can be simplified if one knows how to get the right loan for the right purpose. Before one heads out on the house hunt it helps to get the basics right.
Let us take a look at the various types of home related loans available for the consumer in order to make a well informed decision:

Home loan:

The loan can be availed for the purchase of a ready or under construction house or apartment. The loan amount, interest to be paid and tenor can be decided as per lending company policies, price of property and the individual’s income status. Income tax benefits are also associated with home loans.

 Home improvement loans:

Home improvement loans come handy for renovations/ repairs to be done on existing property. It includes: repairs, remodelling, energy savings related items (permanent in nature), a new kitchen, a new bathroom, a terrace, an extension or general property improvements etc.

Home construction loans:

Since most of the Indians prefer to buy a plot and design their own independent home, home construction loans are fast gaining popularity. There is a huge variation in home construction loans available in the market for the consumers. This adds up to the choices that one has while building a whole new house or to finance the construction of a newly acquired home.

Land loan:

Plans of building one’s own home is not a distant dream as one can own a piece of land or a plot as a thoughtful investment. It will also protect you from the rising rates of properties. It is here that special land/plot loans come handy. There are very few companies that provide loan for financing the purchase of a plot.

Plot & construction composite loan:

A one of a kind loan where the housing finance company will not only provide you with a loan for the plot you chose to buy, but will also take care of the construction costs.

Loan against property:

Loan against property is a type of loan in which the borrower uses the equity of his or her home as collateral. Your property is a valuable asset. It is your right to utilise this property to procure loans for other important needs like acquiring an asset, business needs etc. Any residential and/or commercial property can be considered as long as the mortgager is a title holder of the said property.
Each of these loans vary in the eligibility, maximum loan amount, maximum tenure and terms of acquiring the home loan. A thorough comparison is mandatory to make the best decision.

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