Houses rented to migrant workers lack basic amenities in Kozhikode

KOZHIKODE: City corporation authorities have served notices to 75 building owners who had rented out buildings to migrant workers without providing basic amenities. The notices were served on the basis of ongoing inspections carried out by health wing of city corporation in the 75 wards to collect details about the number of houses rented out to migrant workers and to assess the facilities provided to them by the building owners.

According to the corporation health officials, the inspections which started off in mid- August have so far found that as many as 84 buildings which were rented out to the migrant workers lacked basic facilities. A total of 1313 migrant workers lived in the 84 houses without having access to basic facilities such as enough number of toilets, bathrooms, adequate water facilities and waste disposal mechanisms. Of the 84, the civic body had served notices to 75 building owners under the panchayat raj act.

The corporation has closed down 10 houses rented out to the migrant workers which lacked basic facilities and created inconvenience to neighbours owing to lack of hygiene in building premises. The officials have also evicted 254 migrant workers from the overcrowded accommodations. The drive commenced by the civic body in mid-August also intended to avoid the spreading of communicable diseases.

The inspections were conducted on the basis of complaints received from public about the inconvenience caused to them by the unclean premises of many buildings. Corporation health standing committee chairman K V Baburaj said strict directions have been given to health inspectors to carry out the inspections at houses rented out to migrant workers to ensure that the houses have basic facilities and are not over crowded.

“The inspections revealed the pathetic living conditions of the migrant workers. The building owners were served notices under Panchayat Raj Act. Some of the houses were overcrowded and lacks basic facilities like water and toilets. While others booked for failing to keep their surroundings clean which caused a lot of inconveniences to the public,” he said.

“The inspections are conducted in the early morning and in the late evening to get actual figure of migrant workers staying in a single house. The civic body have also commenced follow up checking at buildings which were served notices to take remedial measures,” Baburaj said.

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