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HUBBALLI: The Hubballi-Dharwad Urban Development Authority (HDUDA) is aiming to expand the city area by 22,000 hectares by 2031. According to the proposed comprehensive development project (CDP), which has been temporarily approved by the urban development department, HDUDA projects the twin cities’ population to reach 22 lakh by 2031.

Speaking to media, Anwar Mudhol, chairman, HDUDA, said that the CDP is a master plan for the development of Hubballi-Dharwad to cope with the development of Bengaluru-Mumbai industrial corridor. “Though the CDP was prepared in 2003, we revised it considering the changes which occurred after the sanctioning of IIT and IIIT. Currently, the local project area is 40,208 hectares and we have proposed to increase it by 22,018.96 hectares,” he explained.

Mudhol added: “Out of the 22,018.96 hectares, 42.52% (17,094.08 hectares) is notified for agriculture while 38.94% (8,573.54 hectares) is reserved for residential areas. Transport/approach roads are 22.25% (4,899.35 hectares), industrial 14.58% (3,210.75 hectares), public semi-public utility 8.85% (1,949.57 hectares), gardens and grounds 7.52% (1,654.96 hectares), commercial 7.47% (1,645.30 hectares), watershed 1.83% (734.59 hectare) and public utility 0.39% (85.49 hectare) are in the next place.”

Town planning member Vivek Karekar informed that the city’s population is 9.43 lakh as per the 2011 census.

“It is projected that the population will be about 22 lakh by 2031. We have projected expansion of 22,018 hectares with the calculation of 100 persons per hectare. The plan has estimated 1.50 lakh creation of jobs from 18,000 micro, small and medium enterprises by 2021, utilizing about 3,210 hectares area of the KIADB at Gokul, Tarihal, Itigatti, Gamanagatti, Belur and Mammigatti,” he stated. Karekar said commercial hubs are incorporated at various parts. “The plan has identified 500m width on both sides of the BRTS corridor,” he said.

Karekar informed that the plan has been on display at the HDUDA premises from January 25 for consideration of the public at large. “Citizens are now filing their objections on the plan and some of them are pointing out errors in the plan. A time of 60 days has been given to file objections. Afterwards, we will consolidate all objections and put them in the HDUDA meeting,” he stated.

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