In 16 cities, Maha govt proposes to setup mixed used properties in industrial zones

Nagpur: On lines of Nagpur and Mumbai, the state government has proposed to allow residential and commercial usages in industrial zones. Provision has been proposed now for 16 municipal corporations including Amravati and Akola from Vidarbha.

The state’s urban development department had proposed the same norm for city and Mumbai few months ago. Notice inviting suggestions and objections was issued. Final notification for implementation of the new norm is awaited.

On June 3, the urban development department has issued notice proposing the norm for 16 municipal corporations. Suggestions and objections will be entertained for 30 days. Probably, the final notification for 18 cities including Nagpur and Mumbai will be issued together in coming days.

As per the notice, the civic chiefs can permit residential sanctions on open land along with closed down industrial units in industrial zones recovering 20% of total ready reckoner value of property. Floor space index will be permitted as per residential zones. However, 20% of total residential usage land shall be built for residential tenements with built up area upto 50, probably for people coming from poor and middle class.

Minimum 25% of permissible FSI may be allowed to be utilized towards commercial users.

While allowing residential sanction on land upto 2 hectare, the civic chiefs will have to ensure 10% of total land area for public amenities like power sub-station, bus station, sub-post office, police outpost etc. This will be in addition to recreational space.

Residential building will have to be sanctioned ensuring specific distance if any obnoxious industry in existence. No distance required in case industry excluding obnoxious in existence.

Necessary distance will have to be maintained while permitting any type of industry adjacent to a residential building in future.

However, the notice is not clear whether the new norm will be applicable for existing residential structures. In many of the cities including Nagpur, residential and commercial buildings have been constructed in unauthorized manner in industrial zones. All such unauthorized structures can be regularized in case new norm also applicable for existing structures.

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