In Bengaluru, residents of demolished houses hope govt will compensate

After parts of Bengaluru faced flood like situation due to heavy rains, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah ordered officials to demolish houses constructed on storm water drains.

Bulldozers on Monday continued to raze several houses that were built on storm water drains in Bengaluru leaving the residents distraught.

Residents in Nyanappanahalli area of Bengaluru are struggling to restore normalcy after Chief Minister Siddaramaiah ordered demolition of houses built on storm water drains on August 3.

Ramesh V, who works as a bank manager in Bengaluru, on Sunday rushed home from Chennai to watch his house crumble down. He had been assigned the site under A Khata. However, when the bulldozers arrived, the officials claimed that his house was built on one of the storm water drains and was mercilessly brought it down to rubble.

“We were told that the house was clear. We gave up part of our property to build the storm water drain. I have lost everything. They did not even tell us they were going to demolish our house,” Ramesh said.

The house was built on a site that had been cleared by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). Ramesh showed the documents saying that the banks had given him a loan to build the house. One would hope that the bank will whet the documents before clearing the plan.

However a year ago, the officials of the BBMP landed at Ramesh’s doorstep to tell him that they have to claim a part of their compound for the storm water drain and after that their land is safe.

“We will continue this drive as there are many illegal dwellings along storm water drains. This is for the benefit of the city,” said Sunil Kumar from the Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force.

Ramesh and other residents whose houses have been demolished are hoping that the government will give them a compensation.

Credits India Today

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