In Bengaluru, RWAs pass resolution against steel flyover

A few days ago, Citizens for Bengaluru, an initiative to stop the steel flyover came up with a campaign for Residents Welfare Associations (RWA) to pass a resolution against the project. Now over 60 RWAs across the city have passed the resolution against the flyover.

While the residents have vehemently said ‘No’ to the steel flyover project, the government is adamant on proposing the project. A situation such as this will have to be combated legally with strong popular support, feel residents. With more RWAs passing a resolution against the project, the move should pass muster in a court of law, feels Srinivas Alavilli, member of Citizens for Bengaluru.

“The continued fight against the steel flyover project has only strengthened the movement. The first was the National Green Tribunal order which stayed the project for four weeks. Then came the undertakings by Bangalore Development Authority in the High Court that it will not proceed with the steel flyover. All this is a sign of victory which was possible only because of the people’s movement,” he adds.

While the High Court will examine the legal and constitutional issues in the case, to back the case with more teeth, the RWA resolution will play a huge role. In just 10 days, about 60 resolutions have been passed and another 50 are expected to come in by this week. Once the resolutions are obtained, they will be presented to the court and a memorandum will also be given to the state and the Central governments.

The resolutions obtained by registered RWAs represent the voice of the people. This is a process which requires the president to call for a meeting in the locality and then seek an approval, which represents an unanimous decision of the entire locality. “It is time consuming,” says Yogesh GP, coordinator of the campaign. “We have approached more than 100 RWAs in the city. Due to the elaborate process involved, the resolutions take time to be passed. We have also received mass signatures of a few apartments. Overall, this represents the voice of the people, which will create a huge impact and result in the scrapping of the steel flyover tenders,” he added.

In the resolution, the main point stressed is that of scrapping the tenders and thus calling off the project. RWAs have also suggested alternative ways to reach the airport and have urged for a mass transit and public transport facility.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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