In Chandigarh, RWAs want mobile towers moved out of residential areas


Members of the Residents’ Welfare and Development Association of Phase 7, Chandigarh, approached the mayor demanding removal of mobile towers installed around residential areas. In a letter handed over to the mayor, they voiced concerns about the effect of these towers on public health.

Mohali has a population of around 4 lakh and there are at least 4 to 7 mobile towers in every sector.

According to RWA president Happy Singh, “Exposure from mobile tower radiations can cause several diseases including cancer, fatigue, sleep disturbance, dizziness, loss of mental attention, headache, malaise and heart palpitations, as per studies conducted worldwide.”

The RWA is also trying to warn property owners against taking money from mobile companies for the sake of their own and their children’s health. They feel whoever is willing to install a tower should do so out of the residential area with the necessary approval or no objection certificate (NOC) from the MC.

Accepting their request, Mayor Kulwant Singh said, “Radiations are dangerous and towers can be seen everywhere. It is government policy. Still, being a public representative, I will move their application of request to the state government.”

Sources said many other RWAs have also filed an application of request to remove mobile towers from residential areas and shift them to the commercial area. Mohali chief medical officer Neelam Bhardwaj said, “As per studies, radiation is harmful for human beings. The intensity of radiation produced by these towers is yet to be measured.”

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