In Delhi apps being developed for car pooling wef 1st Jan 2016

Delhiites can drive their cars only on alternate days and for those who are not willing to use public transport, carpool may be a better alternative. Carpool companies and mobile application developers are using the Delhi governments odd/ even formula to promote the concept in the vastly untapped market that the Capital provides.

Orahi, a well-known car-pooling app, has begun promoting the concept through online campaigns. Orahi said it is planning to connect 100 companies in Gurgaon so that their employees, once registered with the app, can share car rides. “Orahi will bulk register all employees of these connected organisations and mobile and corporate-email id verification will also be handled directly with organisations help,” an Orahi spokesperson said. The app is also trying to tie up with Delhi University Colleges and many private universities so that students can also use the car pool system.

Sride, a carpool app with a strong presence in Hyderabad and Pune, is planning a full launch in Delhi soon. “Car pool is the best tool to implement the philosophy of reducing traffic as it does not require any additional infrastructure cost and people can easily car pool using apps like sRide,” said Nitin Chadha, COO of sRide. Apart from carpool apps, self-driven car rental services are also eyeing the governments decision as a game changer.

Revv, a company which allows users to book a car on rent and drive it like their own, is also looking at a larger user base now thanks to the odd/ even formula.

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