In Delhi, demolition waste is recycled…

In the urban jungle of Delhi, buildings are built and brought down every day. This endless construction and destruction works in a neat cycle: scraps and raw materials from a demolished building are used to erect a new high-rise.

In north Delhi’s Burari area, a recycling plant is the go-to destination for construction and demolition waste from all over the capital city. Every day, 5000 tons of waste is recycled here.

The list of diverse recycled products includes stones (ranging in size from 10 mm to 60mm), recycled brick powder and hollow cement bricks. But the most popular items are recycled pavement tiles, which are widely used for further construction. Brick tiles, paver blocks, dumbled tiles, interlocking tiles and chequered tiles of different shapes and designs are made out of these pavement tiles using special moulds.

Running a non-stop construction waste recycling unit requires not only heavy-duty machines, but also skilled labour. The indispensable workers who operate the plant are hid behind thick layers of sawdust and can’t be heard over the deafening noise of the machines.

Credits Hindustan Times

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