In Mumbai, more houses will be available to textile mill workers: MHADA to HC

MUMBAI: Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority told Bombay High Court on Tuesday that more houses will be made available for textile mill workers in Mumbai.

A bench of Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Amjad Sayed heard a PIL by Girni Kamgar Karmachari Niwara and Kalyankari Sangh for directing the government to take land from mill owners under the development control regulations for housing textile workers. It also challenged the improper allotment of tenements without an eligibility criteria.

An affidavit, submitted to the court, stated that 2,634 tenements will be made available in Mumbai by March 2017. It also informed that MHADA plans to construct 24,700 residential tenements on the land of 31 textile mills whose possession it has received. These tenements would include 16,900 tenements meant for erstwhile mill workers or their legal heirs and remaining 7,800 tenements would be reserved as transit camps.

The affidavit, filed by the deputy chief officer, further states that MHADA has already developed 6.83 hectares of textile mill land, and constructed 10,165 tenements, of which 6,948 tenements have been distributed to textile mill workers or their legal heirs.

According to the affidavit, in the second phase involves construction of 6,802 tenements for mill workers and 2,972 tenements for transit camps, and the construction of 3,930 tenements is currently in its last leg. It is expected to be completed by March 2017, it adds.

The PIL had also challenged the improper allotment of tenements without an eligibility criteria. But MHADA denied allegation that in number of cases more than one tenement was allotted to the same beneficiary and in some cases to non-eligible persons.

It stated that if a person has submitted more than one application only one of those has been taken into consideration. Also, that allotments are made only after proper scrutiny and verification of documents.

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