Inadequate forums to share best practices in disaster management: CBRE survey

NEW DELHI: Nearly 71 per cent of the real estate professionals believe that there are inadequate forums in India to share best practices when it comes to disaster planning, preparedness, and mitigation. The findings were revealed in a recent CBRE survey conducted on over 100 organizations in India.

“While building disaster resilience and preparing for the same has consequently gained prominence, there is still a pressing need to create awareness around this very important point. There are very few forums today for professionals to exchange ideas, best practices and share the framework that is more pro-active rather than reactive towards disaster management,” said Gurjot Bhatia, MD, Project Management Group, CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

With country recently witnessing natural calamities in Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad, majority of losses from a disaster are expected to occur as a direct result of damage to the built environment, lack of foresight and planning. Hence, implementation of a comprehensive and robust disaster management plan becomes crucial which needs to be addressed at the project planning stage.

“With the increasing instances of natural and manmade disasters rising globally, developers are now paying close attention to implementing such measures in a project. In fact in some cities, focussed disaster management measures are a key marketing tool for projects,” says Bhatia.

The construction industry is central to sensitizing the need for disaster preparedness through urban planning, building procurement, design, construction and upgrading / adapting to new age technologies. It can play a key role in responding to disasters and dealing with collapsed, damaged buildings and infrastructure while also providing temporary shelter and services to affected communities post a disaster.

However, there is still a long way to go. While almost one out of four respondents of the CBRE survey recommended having a disaster risk management team in place to address the burgeoning challenges, more than 75 per cent respondents believe that currently there is no attempt to include hazard mitigation measures in projects.

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