Indians are more satisfied with workplace environment: Survey

Indians are more satisfied with their workplace environment compared to their Asia-Pacific counterparts, a recent survey has said.

“About 62% of respondents in India said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their workplace environment compared to just 54% of their counterparts in Asia-Pacific,” Michael Page employee survey on workplace satisfaction in Asia said.

The survey is based on 4,000 employees across various job levels and industries in Asia-Pacific.

It also said that employees in India were more optimistic about the future of their national economy, with 54% of respondents rating their current economy good to excellent against 33% for the rest of Asia-Pacific.

“There is a general sentiment of optimism in India right now. The current economic outlook is positive and professionals are encouraged by the commitment to India from both global and local firms,” Michael Page India Managing Director Nicolas Dumoulin said.

“In addition, the government’s Make In India initiatives have created more opportunities for India’s export market, which has led to increased investment in the manufacturing sector. In particular, firms specialising in the production of chemicals, plastics as well as pharmaceuticals have established operations,” added Dumoulin.

The survey also compared the quarterly job confidence forecast in India between Q1 and Q2 of 2016 and found working conditions of employees in Mumbai and Bangalore declined quarter-on-quarter.

In Mumbai, it dropped 52% in Q2 from 62% in Q1, and in Bangalore to 68% from 75%.

Over the next 12 months, employees in India were more optimistic around better job training (from 73% in Q1 to 81% in Q2), the survey said.

The expanded scope of functions rose from 68% to 73%, and increase in compensation level went up from 54% to 71%, it added.

Working overseas was seen as an increasingly attractive option, which rose to 68% compared to 64%, the survey said.

Credits Business Standard

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