Kadakola to become Whitefield of Mysuru

Mysuru: In another five years, Kadakola in Mysuru is expected to be developed on the lines of Whitefield in Bengaluru. Asian Paints will invest Rs 2,400 crore in 175 acres at Adakanahalli Industrial Area in Kadakola and set up five ancillary industries worth over Rs 100 crore in nearly 100 acre. Apart from this, four more industries are expected to make a total investment of Rs 950 crore on 227 acres at Adakanahalli and Tandya industrial areas.

The Rs 2,400 crore Asian Paints project has already commenced and will be completed by October 2018. Land has also been allotted for the ancillary industries, which include a tin ancillary industries manufacturing, packaging and printing units. Each ancillary industry will invest Rs 20 to Rs 75 crore, each on 15-30 acres. Asian Paints alone is estimated to provide over 500 jobs, while its ancillary industries as much more opportunities.

Meanwhile, Kingswood Plywood industry will invest Rs 500 crore on 70 acres, Carlsburg will set up its firm with investment of 200 crore in 60 acres, Pepsi Cola will invest Rs 100 crore on 35 acres and Inland Container Corporation of India will shell out Rs 145 crore on 62 acres in Adakanahalli and Tandya industrial area. All these establishments, including Asian Paints, will provide jobs to over 5,000 people. If everything goes well, these firms will be established in another five years.

Credits The Times of India

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