Karnataka to fix minimum land requirement for housing layouts

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government is set to fix the minimum land requirement for the development of private residential layouts.

Now on, a minimum of half-acre land is required for layout development. The move could be a telling blow on small land owners, who have been holding on to sizeable plots in prime localities, especially Bengaluru, to develop them into layouts and sites.

The government is expected to bring in an amendment to the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961, during the budget session of the legislature. “We took this decision in the backdrop of the Karnataka high court giving its nod for the “Akrama Sakrama” scheme in urban centres. The government submitted an affidavit to the high court during the hearing recently, agreeing to take stern measures to ensure there is no further misuse of building plans,” said urban development department secretary V Ponnuraj.

In the affidavit submitted to the court, Ponnuraj said the government would take measures to plug illegalities.They include disallowing layout development in less than-half-acre land. “In layouts of under half acre, developers leave hardly any space between sites, forcing owners to build houses without setback area. This gives rise to violation of building bye-laws,” said the secretary. Real estate developers also exploit small landowners by randomly entering into agreements with them and developing layouts without adhering to bye-laws. Even those who owned large parcels of land would contract their land to developers to earn more money, which often resulted in haphazard growth.

Credits The Times of India

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