KWA warns apartment buyers about shortage of water in Kochi

KOCHI: If you are looking out to buy an apartment in the city, then make sure there is sufficient water supply to the flats. With the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) stating its inability to provide new connections to apartments coming up in areas facing severe water shortage, it becomes the buyers’ responsibility to ensure water supply to their dwellings.

“Chilavannor, Vaduthala, Jawahar Nagar and West Kochi have been identified as the main regions, where there is severe water shortage in the city. These areas are also the prime locations identified by builders in the city. It will not be possible for KWA to supply water to the new apartments coming up in these areas,” said a KWA official.

Officials said the demand for water from apartments, which concentre on high income groups was high. “It is not possible for the water authority to meet such high demands when there is scarcity in supply,” added the official. In short, it becomes the responsibility of the buyers to check with KWA and ascertain the supply of water before signing an agreement with buyers.

The water authority is of the view that if they have to meet the demands of those residing in apartments it would adversely affect the supply to others living in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, VK Shankarankutty, president of All Kerala Apartment Owners’ Apex Association said unless the KWA stepped in to supply water the residents will have a tough time.

“Whenever we raised the issue of shortage in supply to apartments those including people’s representatives have maintained that providing more water to flats would have a negative impact on the supply to the entire neighbourhood,” he said.

The authority provides water through ¾ inch pipes to apartment complexes, and only one connection is provided for an entire complex. “Irrespective of the number of flats in it, an apartment complex gets 15,000 litres water per day,” he said.

“If KWA does not provide connections to new apartments it would end up in chaos,” said Shankarankutty.

The water tankers operating in the city have also stated that it was difficult for them to meet an increased demand from apartment complexes.

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