Land is a matter of contrast for Pune’s metro and airport

PUNE: It’s a contrast, at least for now, when it comes to land acquisition for two of the biggest projects in Pune the proposed airport at Purandar and the metro rail.

While authorities claim land acquisition for metro will not be a tedious task as most of the land that needs to be acquired belongs to the government, the airport project is posing major problems. Though both projects have been in talks for years now, experts are of the view that the airport project is more complex. As the airport project location had to be changed several times, several land acquisition issues have cropped up.

Experts also think that authorities must not take things for granted with the metro project and should immediately initiate and complete the land acquisition process.

“Both the metro and airport projects were finalised by the state government years ago. However, many hindrances, particularly related to land and environment issues cropped up and they got delayed. Now, with both the projects back on track, authorities must take steps,” Dhairyashil Vandekar, Pune-based aviation expert told media.

The Pune airport project in Purandar has become a hotbed of protests.

“The administration didn’t do its homework and didn’t talk to landowners in Purandar. It seems they relied heavily on local politicians rather than talking to people. Now, with things having heated up there, it is important that a proper and impressive compensation package is accounted for both projects. People’s emotions are attached to their properties, and land acquisition is always difficult, whether it is in an urban or rural area,” an official who requested anonymity pointed out.

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