Long wait to get BDA alloted plots, compensation…

BENGALURU: Bhagya has been coming to the Bangalore Development Authority’s office for the past sixteen years but she hasn’t been lucky enough to get a plot allotted to her. She faithfully comes here to check her application status, only to be told by officials that her application is being considered and will be given priority.

Hundreds of people visit the BDA headquarters from every day in the hope of getting their dream plot or the money the authority owes them. Going around the premises meeting officials is what many have been doing for years. While some wait in queue outside the allotment official’s room, applying for a plot a fourth or fifth time, others enquire when will they get compensation for their houses or plots BDA acquired to build roads, flyovers or new layouts.

“I don’t remember how many times I have come here in the past sixteen years. Every time I come, I’m told that my application will be given priority,“ Bhagya said.

Her husband, who works in a factory in Peenya, first applied for a 600 square feet BDA plot in 1990. He has since applied in Bhagya’s name several times, thinking she would be his lucky charm. She comes to the BDA office all the way from Srirampura where the family lives. On Wednesday, one of the guards stopped her at the gate. She soon struck a conversation with the guards and two other men who were there to enquire about their security money fund.

Monday’s suicide attempt by a 50-year-old woman at the BDA office reveals the extent of frustration people come here with. Mangala visited the authority’s office nearly 400 times but failed to get compensation for her property BDA acquired.

Raghavendra Patil, who has applied for the fifth time for a plot in Kempegowda Layout, had to borrow Rs 68,000 from his relatives to pay the deposit amount. “The officials simply send me back and ask me to come the next week. I have asked them to return the deposit money as I don’t want a plot now. I only want to repay my loan,“ Patil told TOI.

Manu (name changed), a farmer from Kengeri, said, “It’s an ordeal to get payments from the authority. My first installment (Rs 20 lakh) came almost two years late.“

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