Maharashtra govt to take back land housing WTC, Mumbai

MUMBAI: The state government has decided to take back land on which the World Trade Centre in south Mumbai stands, after it found “grave violations” of the terms it had set while allotting the prime area in 1970.

Mumbai district collector Ashwini Joshi said that the land was originally allotted to M Visvesvaraya Industrial Research and Development Centre, which then affiliated itself to WTC- New York.

“The land on which WTC building stands has been taken back. The land was originally given to MVIRDC, which later affiliated itself to WTC- New York. People running the WTC indulged in several violations of the conditions set by the government,” Joshi said.

“Grave violations included disposing of the premises without sanction of the government, keeping premises under-utilized, not paying dues and without permission opening subsidiaries to dispose of capital investment received by them,” she said.

Joshi said that when the government realized the scope of violations six months back, it asked her to hear out MVIRDC managing committee and MVIRDC lessees association that had complained to the government and the report was sent to the government in September.

Credits ET Realty

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