MCG refuses to take over maintenance of private colonies

GURGAON: The MCG has refused to take over maintenance of three private colonies DLF, Sushant Lok-1 and Palam Vihar in their current state.

In a meeting on Thursday, civic body chief TL Satyaprakash asked developer Ansals to improve the condition of Sushant Lok-1 within a month and told the builders of DLF (Phases 1 to 3) and Palam Vihar to hire a consultant to assess the infrastructural deficiencies in these two areas.

For the time being, residents of these colonies will continue to pay property tax to the MCG and maintenance charges to the builders for the upkeep of civic amenities.

“I have spoken to the chief minister and have informed him that we will not be taking over these colonies in their present condition, where infrastructure is clearly lacking, mainly in Sushant Lok-1. All the three developer areas we are supposed to take over are in different shapes and sizes, and the quality of infrastructure work done also varies,” Satyaprakash told media.

While the RWA representatives of DLF (Phase 1-3), Sushant Lok-1 and Palam Vihar, who were present in the meeting, pestered the civic body to take over their colonies immediately, the MCG commissioner said a month’s notice has been given to the developer of Sushant Lok-1 for improvement of the colony.

Likewise, DLF and Ansals have been asked to hire a consultant at their own cost to assess infrastructural deficiencies in their areas DLF (Phases I to III) and Palam Vihar respectively and submit a report. Officials of DLF and Ansals, who were at the meeting, said they would appoint a consultant soon as per the directions of the MCG. However, Satyaprakash said in order to ensure proper upkeep of civic amenities in DLF, Sushant Lok-1 and Palam Vihar, residents will have to pay maintenance charges even after the MCG takes over the colonies.

“We want the residents to contribute in the upkeep of their respective colonies and therefore we want to create an escrow account so that it can be ensured that the money that is pooled in by the residents is spent to develop their colony alone, instead of the money getting diverted elsewhere,” the MCG commissioner said. Earlier on February 7, MCG took charge of 33 Huda sectors whose civic infrastructure it will now maintain and upgrade.

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