MLAs demand transparency in BDA plot allotment

BENGALURU: As Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) prepares itself to commence allotment of housing plots in the proposed Nadaprabhu Kempegowda layout, off Magadi Road, two Bengaluru MLAs have decided to demand increased transparency in the plot allotment and refund process. The Kempe Gowda layout formation has revived hopes in lakhs of Bengalureans of finally being able to own a plot in their beloved city as the BDA is building a housing colony after a long gap of 11 years. While there are hundred thousands of aspirants for plots, the BDA has announced that it will allot 5,000 sites in the first batch.

BJP MLAs S Suresh Kumar and LA Ravi Subramanya told ET that they fear the BDA might turn the whole process a messy affair going by the casualness with which it is handling the exercise with little or no use of technology . “The response from site aspirants is overwhelming, but the BDA is handling things manually. This is a cause for concern,” they said. “BDA’s past record does not inspire confidence,” they added.

Meanwhile, as the December 31 deadline for submission of applications along with the initial deposit nears, BDA plot aspirants are rushing to banks with requests for DDs. A senior bank official said there has been a surge in demand for DDs for sums ranging from Rs 26,200 to Rs 12 lakh, and banks don’t usually keep DDs after the banking system has switched to RTGS/NEFT ways of funds transfer. The two MLAs said they will write to Bengaluru city minister KJ George and draw his attention to the ‘insensitive manner’ with which the BDA is dealing with the whole exercise.

“Looks like BDA’s refund process of initial deposits will be far from smooth. Its application has provided space for 12 digit account number while it is 13 digits or more in most cases. Moreover, the BDA has asked for the Bank code instead of IFSC code. I don’t know how it can transfer funds without using IFSC code,” Suresh Kumar (BJP) said.
Going by its past record, the BDA is known to take its own sweet time to make plot allotments, and it may be hoping to keep the hundreds of crores it is collecting by way of initial deposits for a long time. “The BDA notification says it will not pay any interests on the initial deposits collected from applicants. This is not acceptable as the BDA has increased the initial deposit almost 12 fold compared to earlier, and people are borrowing from banks and private lenders to pay this,” Ravi Subramanya said.

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