New career option – Health and Safety management

Employees in any organisation are entitled to work in an environment which is secure and has little or no scope for risks related to their health & safety. Despite best efforts, unforeseen circumstances may cause workplace accidents, which can turn fatal. Occupational accidents and hazards have been a major source of concern for many employers for a long time now. Therefore, organisations hold primary responsibility to ensure every worker’s safety under various health & safety laws.

Since workplace Health and Safety domain are gradually becoming an integral part of planned business operations, many companies have begun to hire professionals who hold some expertise in this field and who can help create better plans for risk management. So, let us explore some key aspects of this system which has high scope and is deeply rewarding in a long run.

Verticals of  Health and Safety sector:
There are different kinds of safety management jobs which include requirements specific to that industry and its business model. They are of varying nature and can include: Chemical Safety, Construction Safety, Oil & Gas Safety, Electrical Safety, Environment Safety, Fire Safety, Hazard Management, and Medical Safety.

Job roles and salary offered in Health & Safety sector:
Youngsters hoping to build their professional career in this sector can expect definitive progression in different health & safety (H & S) job requirements/profiles. The chief responsibilities of Health & safety officers includes

  • Monitoring possible workplace related risks and hazards,
  • Advising every employee on how to do their part in minimising or eliminating these risks
  • Performing first-aid duties as and when required
  • They also work very closely with government legislation in order to ensure that a workplace is safe for its staff.

Additional duties may involve

  • Ensuring that organisations conform to workplace health & safety regulations
  • Coordinating with the office staff to manage
  • Track and upgrade existing safety standards
  • Organising mock drills to check preparedness of workers in case of emergency
  • Introduce latest H & S policies and systems.

One can hope to start their career as Safety Supervisor and subsequently go on to head the HSE department in the top organisations around the world.

Other popular job roles in this sector include:

Safety Officer, EHS Officer, EHS Engineer, EHS Manager, and Fire & Safety Officer.

Pay scale:

Freshers hoping to commence their professional journey with this sector can expect their salary between Rs 15,000 – Rs. 25,000 per month, while those with prior experience can earn up to Rs 60,000 per month.

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