Now a foldable House from IIT-Madras!

CHENNAI: Imagine a house that can be folded and carried around or walls that are interchangeable. Civil engineering students at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras have designed a two-storey house out of metal frames and iron panels that can be unfolded and fixed to accommodate 20 people at time. The house can come handy during natural disasters that leave many displaced or can be an extension to an existing house.

The foldable house was one of the many innovative projects displayed at the Centre For Innovation open house at IIT-M on Saturday. Exhibiting a prototype of the open house, the team members said it can be set anywhere by unfolding the metal frame and fixing the panels. These panels will be the walls of the house. They have tried the design with materials that are strong and available like aluminum and steel frames. The panels are made of sheets of iron insulated with foam. “Hundreds of people we re displaced and had no shelter after the floods in the city last year. It was then we decided to come up a foldable house,“ said Shreeram, a third year civil engineering student. “Wooden panels can be used as walls. Any material can be used.“

Working on the concept for close to three months, a team of eight civil engineering designed a foldable house sized 52 ft in length and breadth and close to 40ft tall. The panels of every room can be dismantled and folded except the toilet. “The toilet comes as a 13m long and wide box fitted with all the necessary faucets. The box is attached to one end of the frame of the whole house,“ the students said.

There are embedded facilities on the panelled walls for electricity and water supply and to place furniture. These panels measuring four feet in length and breadth can be fixed according to the requirement in a room. The house could cost close to Rs 3 lakh and the students are planning to establish a startup to commercialise their innovation.

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