Now a house built with coir wood

COIMBATORE: Pollachi, known as the coconut capital of Tamil Nadu, will soon get a model house built entirely of coir wood. The coir board, which is setting up the house, aims to make coir wood more popular among the construction industry in the area. Besides being an eco-friendly product, coir wood is also an affordable alternative to plywood as it does not involve felling of trees.

The coir board, which inaugurated the first model coir house in Alappuzha on Saturday, said it plans to set up similar homes in Pollachi and Kanyakumari soon. “These homes would be much cheaper than a brick and mortar house or even a plywood house, because it costs only around 90 per sqft,” said a board official.

“This house will be 100% environment-friendly because it is built only out of a by-product of coconut and does not involve felling or exploitation of coconut trees at all,” said Coir Board chairman C P Radhakrishnan.

Coir, a by-product, is extracted from coconut husk, also called the mesocarp tissue of the fruit. The fibre, after cleaning and removing the husk, is golden in colour. Coir is a popular material to make mats, mattresses, baskets and even as a replacement for soil for terrace gardening. However, no one has used it before to construct a house in the country, the official said.

Right from the walls and doors of the house to the windows, flooring, floor carpets, pillars and even light-fittings, the model house is entirely built out of coir wood, said officials. “We have used coir wood sheets for the walls and coir granules for the interiors,” said the official. “With Pollachi being the hub of coconut cultivation and the single largest producer of coir fibre, we think it will be an ideal place to set up the house,” he said.

“With many eco-friendly and natural resorts coming up in the area, we hope that the house, that will be up in three months, will appeal to them,” said the chairman. “We also hope to encourage entrepreneurs to get into coir wood production,” he added. The house has been designed by Bengaluru-based Coir Research Center, which has previously set up a house on their campus three years ago.

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