Owners not maintaining vacant plots in NOIDA may lose

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NOIDA: The Noida Authority issued a public notice on Friday on lack of maintenance at vacant plots and has warned allottees that possession will be taken back and lease deeds cancelled if corrective action is not taken within 15 days.

Rama Raman, chairperson and CEO of Noida Authority, said he has directed officials to conduct a survey to shortlist plots of non-resident allottees where proper care has not been taken and are causing inconvenience to neighbours.

“We have received frequent complaints from residents and our officers that Noida has scores of vacant plots with minimal allowed construction, which are lying in a shambles for decades. Some of these are also reportedly being misused by residents for unauthorized land use. Some are being used by scrap dealers posing a risk to residents as they could be housing criminals,” Raman said.

According to officials, allottees are only required to complete 50% construction of the floor area ratio (FAR) and they are entitled to a completion certificate for the building. Many temporary constructions do not even have a caretaker, which creates problems for neighbourhoods.

“We have received many complaints – the most recent from Sector 105 – from residents about this menace. We have sent notices to these allottees but to no avail,” said Saumya Srivastava, deputy CEO of Noida Authority.

“The public notice issued on Friday will now be considered as a final notice for such allottees and if they do not take action and inform us accordingly within 15 days, we will confiscate their property,” he said.

Officials said that till September 2011, property owners were allowed to seek completion certificates after constructing just 25% of the permitted FAR. In February 2014, the Noida Authority had proposed a change in its building bye-laws.

The Authority had proposed that land owners in Noida would either have to build 100% of the FAR instead of 50%, or sell them to someone else who will, to avoid plots being confiscated. However, this rule has not been implemented.

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