Pay bribe to feel relieved in Bengaluru…

Bengaluru: A Whitefield resident’s refusal to pay a traffic fine of Rs 300 without a receipt saw his car being towed away, forcing him to fork out Rs 1100 to have it released.

Recounting his experience of December 24, Mr Venky Vibha says he parked his car at least a 100 metres beyond a no- parking sign and walked into Baskin Robbins near Hope Farm in Whitefield to buy ice cream for his three children, who were with him. But on returning he says he found a clamp on his car wheel.

 Interestingly, he claims the towing vehicle contractor  demanded a fine of Rs 300 to release it  when the Bengaluru Traffic Police website clearly says the spot fine for parking in a No Parking zone is Rs 100.

“When I asked him to give me a receipt for the Rs 300, he  refused saying the traffic inspector was on his way and kept insisting that if I paid up my vehicle would be released immediately. But when I stuck to my guns, the traffic inspector arrived and  towed my car away. I immediately contacted Whitefield Rising and when a member arrived, went with him to the Kadugodi Police Station where my car was released after I paid a fine of Rs 1100 and got a receipt for it. All this could have been avoided had the contractor immediately issued me a receipt,” he pointed out.

When contacted, the traffic inspector at Whitefield Traffic police station claimed he had no knowledge of the incident, but offered to hold an inquiry if the car owner reported it.

But the incident raises many questions like why was Mr. Vibha asked to pay Rs 300 by the contractor when the fine for parking in a no-parking zone is just Rs 100? And why was he not offered a receipt even when he agreed to pay an unreasonable Rs 300? Also, why did the no-parking sign not mention the length of the road it applied to? Is anyone in the traffic police department willing to answer?

Credits Deccan Chronicle

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