Pay online, get upto Re. 1 crore as prize

The National Institute for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog, the government’s policy think-tank, on Thursday announced daily, weekly and mega awards for consumers and merchants to encourage a transition to digital payments.

The awards will be offered through two schemes – Lucky Grahak Yojana for consumers, and the Digi-dhan Vyapari Yojana for merchants, and NPCI will implement the schemes. Under the Lucky Grahak Yojana, 15,000 winners will get Rs 1,000 each every day starting on December 25 and ending on April 14 next year.

In addition, there will be weekly awards for 7,000 people, and the maximum prize is worth Rs 1 lakh. The scheme runs from December 25, 2016, to April 14, 2017. On April 14, a mega award of Rs 1 crore will be announced. Under the Digi-Dhan Vyapari Yojna, 7,000 winning merchants will receive prizes worth up to Rs 50,000 every week.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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