People prefer furniture, home applicances and vehicles on rent

With the hectic pace that city slickers have to endure, buying furniture is now passe. Renting it online is a better, quicker and more viable option.

For most city people, who are either working or are short on space, buying furniture isn’t a viable option. Gone are the days when you would rent out furniture pieces like a sofa set, bed, wardrobe, etc from your local furnishing store; the internet now is full of easy-on-the-pocket and smart online furniture rentals from where you can rent at affordable prices. 28-year-old advertising professional Krupa Mehta who recently got married and has shifted to a rented place along with her husband says, “We had initially decided to go in for second-hand furniture, however, we chanced upon some online furniture shops from where one can rent almost brand new options at really reasonable rates. We ordered for a single bed, a double-door wardrobe, a three-set chest drawer and a mattress, all for  Rs. 1,186 for six months!”

Smart options and classy designs
For most working professionals, furnishing their house gets tricky due to lack of time. Hemant Sanghvi, a 48-year-old real estate consultant says, “I am mostly out through the day and only get back home late in the night. I work on most weekends as well with no time in hand to head out and look for furnishings. Online furniture rental has made it easy for me to sit in my office and just browse through several options that are available. I have rented a leather sofa set for Rs.449 a month. Had I bought one, it would have easily gone up to Rs.70,000.”

Easy on the pocket
For those who do not wish to buy expensive pieces of furniture, renting one is convenient. Husband and wife duo, Abhishek and Shonali Ghosh who’ve recently moved into their own house in Malad say, “We had been staying in a rented accommodation in Worli and the house was fully furnished, so we didn’t have to worry about buying furniture. However, after we got our own place, we decided to invest in furniture. But, it was exceeding our budget, so that’s when a friend suggested that we rent instead of buying. Renting furniture is actually working out much cheaper.”

 Furniture for your entire house

Apart from having packaged deals, most of these online furniture sites also have individual furniture items that can be rented. Aarav Sinhal, an executive of one such online portal says, “We have packaged deals for 1, 2 or 3 BHK. For example, if someone wants to rent furniture for a one BHK, we offer a master bed, master cupboard, side drawers, bedside table and one mattress. For the living area, we have one fabric three-seater sofa and another two-seater, one centre table, a shoe rack along with a chest of drawers. For a 1BHK, you can rent all this between  Rs.4,000 and Rs.5,000 a month.”

 Those who do not wish to rent furniture for the whole house can go in for customised furniture options. Sana Ismail Sheikh, a customer care executive at one such firm, says, “We do provide customised solutions for our customers. There are many people who do not wish to go in for a complete furniture package and thus choose pieces that they would like to rent. We are flexible and allow our customers to even rent a single piece of furniture.”
Appliances and vehicles are available on rent as well
 Apart from furniture, some of these sites also offer appliances and vehicles on rent. From TV, washing machines, refrigerators and other gadgets, most of these portals also offer bikes and cycles on rent. Priyansh Agarwal, a 28-year-old investment banker who recently rented a bike for a short trip, says, “I wanted to drive up to Mahabaleshwar and since I do not have a vehicle of my own, I got in touch with one of the online renting portals and got a premiere bike for Rs.1,900 for a single trip. Had I rented from a travel agency, it would definitely cost me a lot more.”

Credits Times of India

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