Planners expand their limits in Bengaluru

The Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee (BMPC) has decided to extend its jurisdiction beyond Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) at a meeting chaired by chief minister Siddaramaiah for the second time, that too after five months.

Now the jurisdiction of Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA) is been included in the BMPC limits.

By doing so, the government, which has so far failed to provide basic infrastructure to its one crore tax payers in the existing limits, now wants to extend its jurisdiction till the International Airport in the north, beyond Bidadi in the west, and towards Anekal in the south-east of the city. The state government seems pretty optimistic that it would be able to cope with the additional mess of the city only after it includes BMRDA into BMPC’s wing.

Bengaluru city is growing in a big way. Keeping everything in the mind, the infrastructure-related issues are going to tickle at every point. Hence, to make the city a role model in developmental activities it has been decided to adopt the BMRDA act 1985 for the BMPC,” the proceeding note of the meeting reads.

Karnataka is only the fourth state in India to establish a metropolitan planning committee after the formation of Kolkata Metropolitan Planning Committee (KMPC), Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Planning Committee (APMPC) and Gujarat Metropolitan Planning Committee (GMPC).

The first meeting of the BMPC, which concluded on August 1, 2016, had decided to extend its jurisdiction. Now, areas like Nelamangala, Anekal, Magadi, Hoskote, Kanakapura and the areas falling under Bangalore International Airport, which is under the jurisdiction of BMRDA, would directly come under the BMPC. According to sources, the BMPC was formed under the Karnataka Municipal Act 1976 section 503-B, but to extend the jurisdiction of BMPC beyond BBMP limits it has to adopt the BMRDA Act, 1985, or the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1961.

Bengaluru Central Member of Parliament PC Mohan, while speaking to media, criticised the state government’s move and maintained that the government does not have money to fill potholes in BBMP limits and it is planning to extend its jurisdiction. He said: “I am not aware of the decision taken by the state government as we couldn’t attend the meeting. All the members of Parliament and Rajya Sabha were busy with the session in New Delhi.”

He said: “Any decision taken for the development of Bengaluru city should be taken under the confidence by inviting each elected representative. The state government always demands cooperation from the Union government and when we are ready to extend full support, it takes a decision on its own. Extending Bengaluru’s BMPC jurisdiction to the limits of BMRDA is not a good idea, and not at all scientific. It should rethink its decision before preparing the master plan 2031.”

According to the Karnataka town and country planning section 1961 section 4A, the state government on November 1, 1965, extended the jurisdiction of local planning authority to 500 sq km, and later to 1,279 sq km on March 11, 1984.

According to the Town and Country Planning Act, once a decade, the revised master plan has to be announced. The Revised Master Plan 2015 (RMP2015) was announced on June 25, 2007, which still exists.

The committee has now decided to empower the BMPC to take a decision on RMP2031.


Interestingly, the major part of any government functions pertaining to real estate depends on change of land use issues. The core Bengaluru has almost seen the developmental activities while the outskirts and areas falling under the BMRDA is now in the list of city’s major real estate giants.

The BMPC, on Friday decided to take every decision on change of land use. This includes 538 villages falling under four taluks in Bengaluru urban district, BBMP limits and including Hebbugodi town municipal council and other 53 gram panchayats.

Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar criticised the chief minister’s move. Writing to Siddaramaiah he said: “I was in receipt of an undated letter issued by BDA late last evening (Thursday) by an email inviting me to attend the 2nd meeting of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Planning Committee (BMPC) scheduled for Friday. I am to remind you that the BMPC is a constitutionally recognised body for advising Bengaluru on matters inter alia town planning, socio-economic development initiates of Bengaluru. I fail to understand BDA’s utter lack of responsibility in notifying the subject meeting by giving less than 20 hours of notice preceding the meeting… I hereby record my objection to the convening of the 2nd meeting of the BMPC at such short notice… “Alternatively, I urge your offices to consider deferring the meeting to a later date,” he added.

* The BMPC will shortly prepare its jurisdictional map and boundary.
* It will enforce the decisions taken by the local bodies falling under its jurisdiction like drinking water issues, infrastructure, and creation of resources.
* Creating coordination amongst all the government department.
* Preparation of five-year action plan.
* To take decision on metropolitan transport facility.
* Water, power, drainage system, education, health, cultural and other developmental related issues.
* Housing developmental issues.
* Development of industries

Finally, alternative sites for Arkavathy layout applicants
Thousands of applicants waiting for a piece of land at the Arkavathi Layout can heave a sigh of relief, as the state government on Friday decided to allot alternative sites to those who could not get them at the layout formed by BDA.

A meeting presided by CM Siddaramaiah along with BDA and BWSSB officials resolved to distribute alternative sites to the families who were deprived of sites due to the denotification of the land. BDA chairman K Venkatesh said, “Out of the total applicants, about 1,800 people could not get sitest. Besides, HC has also ordered stay over the use of 300 acres of land recovered under denotification. Hence, not all could be accommodated at the Arkavathi Layout and hence government has decided to allot alternative sites at the newly formed Kempe Gowda Layout.” The government has finally given two options to applicants. “Government is also ready to refund the deposit amount with interest. If they don’t want refund of amount, they can opt for alternative site at Kempe Gowda layout.” Venkatesh said. He said, “About 5,000 sites will be distributed and all the eligible applicants will get authorisation letter. Move will bring in Rs 1,000 cr into BDA’s exchequer.” BWSSB to speed up works Pointing towards various pending infrastructural works in the newly developed layouts by BDA, CM Siddaramaiah has directed the BWSSB to speed up the work and execute projects at the earliest.

“In most of the BDA layouts work on facilities like potable water, sewerage network is still pending and hence CM has redirected officials to speed up the projects. The officials have sought additional funds and CM has assured funds through different channels similar to the way BDA is mobilising its revenue,” Venkatesh explained.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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