“Plug-n-play”offices, a boon for SME businesses

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector is a big force driving the economy. SMEs have increased Indian economy’s competitiveness in a demanding global economic structure. To start a venture and turn it into a flourishing enterprise is the goal of SMEs. However, there are many challenges that SMEs usually face in their growth and operations. SMEs are faced with several challenges, with finding an office space being a big task. Here are few challenges that SMEs often face in this regard:

High Rental Commercial Spaces: The first problem faced by SMEs are the high rentals charged by commercial buildings that not only burn a hole in the pocket but are also a setback for enterprises since it requires a lot of investment to book an office and later tend to the months of rental in addition to other expenditures.

Inflexible Lease Terms: After an office space is selected another issue crops up when the lease deed needs to be signed between the building or office owner and the concerned SME. A lease deed in reference to office spaces can be of three years and the terms and lock-in periods are a problem for the SMEs. In addition, high security deposit too kills the essence of the sheer joy to find a new office to rent.

Office Resources: Other than rentals and security deposits, SMEs have to invest a great deal in office furniture, setting up a good infrastructure that includes endless facilities like computers or laptops, office furniture, office dividers and cabins and much more.

Unattractive Locations: Most of the times simply to save up on high rentals and other expenses SMEs look for cheaper options and end up in unattractive or probably remote locations that do not give the most perfect atmosphere to work in. SMEs in order to boost the spirits of its staff and even make a mark in the industry need to be at an approachable and fairly decent locality that has more commercial spaces around, however this does not seem to be the case since the prized locations are exorbitant.

A solution to all these issues is a ‘Plug and Play’ office. “Plug and Play” office spaces ensure all the services SMEs. A well-furnished and appealing office space that does not hamper with a SMEs budget definitely makes a statement for the business. And an office space at the right location offers with several key advantages is what is desired in a country like India. Plug and Play offices are a great solution that suit the needs of SMEs since they are affordable and equipped with all the facilities that are taken care of well in advance.

Credits Financial Express

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