Policy on wind energy awaited by turbine manufacturers

From The Hindu

This policy framework is expected to provide a major push for the growth of the wind energy sector in the country, whose capacity is expected to go up by 3,000 MW this financial year and by over 4,200 MW during the next financial year, according to Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA). As of January 2016, the wind energy installed capacity is 25,188 MW.

IWTMA members, who had converged here for a meeting at the CII Godrej Green Building Council, sought to discuss problems and prospects of the sector as it seeks to achieve the target of 60,000 MW by 2022.

Ramesh Kymal, Chairman-Renewable Energy Council, CII Godrej GBC and CMD of Gamesa Renewables, said, “To achieve the target of 60 Gigawatts by 2022, it is imperative certain measures be implemented such as Green Corridor, GST and Renewable Purchase Obligation enforcement. Current annual exports average at $500 million and have the potential to increase beyond $3 billion. We recommend that a favourable export policy be established for the wind energy sector.”

While the wind turbine manufacturers have capacity to support 9,500 MW, the domestic consumption is about 3000 mw now, providing potential for exports.

Sarvesh Kumar, Chairman, IWTMA and Deputy MD RRB Energy, said “Telangana has potential for over 4,244 MW of wind power at 100 metre hub height as estimated by the National Institute of Wind Energy. The State Government acknowledged this and has indicated to add about 2,000 MW of wind power by 2018-19.”

Chintan Shah, Vice-Chairman, IWTMA and President, Strategic Business Development, Suzlon Energy, said, “We believe the future is for hybrid power generation where solar and wind power projects will co-exist. The Centre is likely to come out with a new policy for hybrid power generation and this will pave way for setting up these projects across the country, once the State regulators give their nod.”

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