‘Pothole Pooja’ at Bangalore to invite BBMP attention

After time and again complaining the official way to the civic authorities about the sad state of affairs on Bengaluru roads but to no avail, residents of the HSR Layout area of the city decided it was time for some divine intervention.

They performed a pothole pooja on July 9 as an out-of-the box way to bring the grappling issue of the ever increasing potholes on the roads to the attention of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

The pooja was conducted on a large pothole at 11th Cross near Cambridge School, Sector-1, HSR Layout. The ‘pooja’ was organised by a non-profit organisation Hasiru Mitra and immediately drew the public, who reportedly actively participated. Previously, local artists had created a life-sized fibre crocodile to bring the dangerous condition of Bengaluru roads and the subsequent hazard that they pose to the commuters to the officials’ attention.

 The Saturday pooja, however, was quick to see results coming in. The BBMP officials filled the crater and levelled the road the next day itself, much to the residents’ delight. According to various media reports, barring three-four roads such as 19th main, 24th main and 27th main, other lanes in HSR Layout were in poor condition. Kamesh Soni, a volunteer with Hasiru Mithra, said they submitted 50-60 complaints on potholes to the BBMP.

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