Pune municipality to collect construction debris from doorstep

PUNE: Worried about how to get rid of the debris from repairs or construction work at your house? The Pune Municipal Corporation may soon have a solution.

The civic administration is coming up with a debris collection system, under which it will appoint an agency to collect unused material and debris from your doorstep.

“The system will commence in a month. Vehicles will be sent to places where the debris is generated,” Suresh Jagtap, head of PMC’s solid waste management department, said.

People who wish to dispose of the debris would have to submit the plan of their construction activity to PMC. A special vehicle would be sent to the site. “The administration would levy a minimum service charge. The rate will be fixed after consultation with authorities concerned, including elected members,” Jagtap said.

Officials said the administration would also fix five or six points in the city where people can dump such debris. The agency would then collect the material from these spots.

Construction and renovation work in the city has picked up over the years, with debris being dumped recklessly.

Activists have stressed often that if PMC wants to check further degradation of water bodies, land, public spaces and green areas, it has to look for immediate solutions to recycle and reuse construction and demolition waste. They have also brought it to the notice of the civic body that rivers and nullahs are choking because of unbridled dumping of debris by developers. In many instances, debris is dumped in the green belt of the river, affecting its natural flow. Activists have sought comprehensive directives to govern the collection and recycling of construction debris, which can be reused to make bricks and paver blocks.

The environment status report of the PMC, too, mentions the continued prevalence of illegal dumping of construction rubble in riverbeds and on hills.

About 100-150 tonnes of debris, including concrete, bricks, cement plaster and iron, is generated in Pune every day.

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