Purvankara launches investment scheme for commercial property

For ₹28 lakh, buyers can get 350 sq ft of undivided share of space on any one of the floors in the 13-storied building with two basements. The transaction will involve back-to-back leasing of the space to Puravankara, which will let it out to a tenant. The monthly rent minus a 10 per cent share the developer will retain as his fee will be the investor’s return.

Given the current lease rates of about ₹24-36 a sq ft a month, the returns can work out to about 5.5-7 per cent, according to Narayanan. The lease will provide for a 15 per cent escalation every three years. The investor can also benefit from the market appreciation, he said.

The tenant will pay the maintenance unless the space falls vacant, in which case the investor will have to chip in. Puravankara will retain about 1,500 sq ft on each floor of about 15,000 sq ft.

Credits The Hindu Business Line

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