Revised master plan to decongest KR Puram-Tin factory junction

KR Puram junction, one of the major congestion points of the city, might see some relief in the coming days. The consultancy that is preparing the revised master plan (RMP) for Bengaluru 2031 for the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), has proposed construction of three flyovers, an underpass and an intermodal interchange hub with three levels at the KR Puram Railway Station.

According to the report accessed by Bangalore Mirror, the Old Madras Road (NH4) at KR Puram Junction carries both inter- and intra-city traffic and witnesses heavy passenger and goods’ movement. The location is peculiar in that there is KR Puram Railway Station and rail overbridge (cable bridge) at the same junction.

The planning authorities have a lot of work to do here. The stretch from Ulsoor Lake to KR Puram is punctuated by several roads, and these are plagued by poor junction design and high-traffic volumes. The existing KR Puram railway station, local bus stand, inter-city bus stop at KR Puram Cable Bridge, the newly-proposed world-class railway station at Baiyappanahalli, the KSRTC Satellite Bus Depot at Baiyappanahalli, and the proposed extension of metro phase 2 from Baiyappanahalli towards Whitefield – all offer an opportunity for multi-modal integration of different transport systems.

A reconnaissance survey of Old Madras Road – from Ulsoor to KR Puram/ORR – was conducted to identify possible improvements for this stretch.

What are the problems?
Several attempts have failed to regulate traffic management on this particular stretch. The Indiranagar BDA Complex, Indiranagar Police Station and Indiranagar bus depot are all on this stretch. Swami Vivekananda Road currently has five consecutive left turns towards Ulsoor at very small intervals. This has an adverse impact on traffic movement, resulting in traffic congestion.

Further, it is said that the newly-proposed, ‘world-class’ railway station is being developed by South Western Railways (SWR) at Baiyappanahalli railway yard. The access to this station is only through Old Madras Road-NGEF or Baiyappanhalli junction, which is already congested.

According to the report, there exists a half-finished flyover on Baiyappanhalli Main Road, extending from the proposed railway station at Baiyappanahalli towards Old Madras Road over the existing level-crossing. Adding to the ongoing traffic mess is the Bagmane tech park, located off Suranjan Das Road, along with a number of industrial units, all adding to considerable traffic.

The metro line currently terminating just north of the stretch of Old Madras Road, creates considerable traffic and generates commercial activity around the Beninganhalli lake junction. Going a little ahead, at KR Puram railway station, the rail over bridge towards Whitefield intersects the KR Puram junction at exactly the point where traffic from four different directions merges. The consultancy firm noticed that the poor junction design and inadequate integration of modes ensured that traffic was perennially clogged at this junction.

1 Junction of CMH Road (Intermediate Ring Road) and Baiyappanahalli: A unidirectional flyover, 2.5 km-long, has been proposed from Indiranagar BDA complex towards RMZ Millennia (east of Ulsoor Lake), in the direction of Trinity Circle, to have ‘seamless’ traffic movement.
According to a report, segregating to- and fro- traffic by means of the unidirectional flyover would reduce congestion caused by multiple consecutive left turns on this stretch. In order to make this junction signal-free, an underpass is proposed from CMH road towards Baiyappanahalli metro station on Swamy Vivekananda main road below the metro line. Right turn movement from Ulsoor towards CMH road on Swamy Vivekananda can take place below the metro station.

2 NGEF Circle junction of Suranjan Das Road and NGEF Main Road — A flyover has been proposed from Indiranagar General Hospital all the way up to KR Puram railway station junction, to join the existing cable bridge. The approximate length of the flyover is 9 km. U-turns will be provided under the flyover where required. A right turn link is proposed towards NGEF main road from Swamy Vivekananda road, which will connect to the proposed Baiyappanahalli Railway Station. NGEF main road is proposed for widening to 24 m thus improving connectivity to the new railway station at Baiyappanahalli.

3 Beninganahalli lake junction towards KR Puram Cable Bridge – A double-height flyover has been proposed towards KR Puram rail over bridge at Beninganahalli. Traffic coming from the ORR grade separator from Hebbal can merge onto the double-height flyover towards KR Puram. The traffic from KR Puram towards Trinity Circle will move on the existing single-height flyover. Also the metro line runs in-between the flyovers, thereby segregating traffic from all directions.

4 KR Puram railway station junction at the intersection of NH4 (towards Hoskote) and Outer Ring Road towards Sarjapura – An intermodal interchange hub with three levels has been proposed at KR Puram railway station. On the ground level, KR Puram railway station; at second level, BMTC bus station and at the top level, BMRCL metro station has been proposed. The will improve accessibility and reduce the congestion at KR Puram/ Tin Factory.
Currently, there is an existing uni-directional flyover from Mahadevapura to Lowry Junction. The double-height flyover will further link to cable bridge flyover (to be widened) and connect Tin Factory to the Ring Road flyover that lands at Lowry College. Another arm of the flyover will merge with IRPL main road via a half cloverleaf interchange. This will help vehicles from Hebbal to seamlessly bypass the KR Puram junction and continue their journey towards Marathalli and beyond.
A bus terminal has been proposed at 7.5 m above the railway track, integrating the railway line with the buses and metro. Thus, the integrated interchange hub for three different modes of transport has been proposed.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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