Road users’ woes on steel flyover at Chalukya Circle, Bangalore

Will the steel flyover really succeed in its mission to decongest traffic? Here’s what the actual road-users, at the receiving end of traffic snarls at the Chalukya Circle, have to say.

Insurance firm employee Manikanthan is clear that the flyover is just not required. His rationale: “We already have an elevated road connecting the airport. Is it not serving the purpose? Why another flyover here? Another structure implies chopping of more trees.”

He reasons that the current traffic menace would not have been this high had the roads been well panned. “The government needs to drop the project, and instead improve and integrate the existing network,” says Manikanthan.

Kedarnath, a real estate investor, finds the project fishy. “This project seems to be a way of moneymaking. Development is good but should not lead to corruption. The estimated cost of the proposed project may run into a few thousand crore, of which 40% will be gulped by the influential ones involved with the project,” he contends.

The existing flyovers have failed to clear the traffic bottlnecks. “The proposed flyover may be of least help. Instead, the planners should go back to the drawing board and work towards putting the existing network to better use rather than sinking public money,” he says.

Prolonged construction

“The project was proposed long ago. It should have been completed by now. Inviting tenders now means that it will take another 7-8 years to complete the project. There are several bottlenecks here already. The construction now will add to the woes,” says Suresh, a former IT professional.

Employed in a firm close to Chalukya Circle, Vinod is totally against the project. Foreseeing trouble, he says that a steel flyover will need a facelift in a maximum of 20 years. Keeping in mind the traffic conditions and the infrastructural developments then, he believes the project needs to be shelved. The government must rather focus on developing other key areas, he adds.

Harish, an air-conditioning project engineer, opines the flyover would have made sense three years ago. “Now, we have adjacent schools near the circle. This place has turned out to be a business centre. The construction may take another five years. It is not at all a good idea now. The project has to be dropped,” says he.

Nagaraj, an engineer takes a different view. He would welcome the project provided no tree is cut and the existing structures are not played with. But demolition of existing underpasses, overpasses and skywalks are part of the project proposal.

Credits Deccan Herald

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