RTI activist demands action against Ex-commissioners of BBMP

The BBMP has asked all those using residential property for commercial purposes to stop doing so with immediate effect. But the irony is that it is BBMP officials including the commissioners themselves who have, on several occasions, issued trade licences in this regard. A complaint has been lodged with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) demanding that action be taken against three BBMP commissioners who gave permission to certain people to start business in residential property. The contention of the complainant is that if these officers had not issued the permission, then there would have been no violations. Hence, to ensure transparency, these IAS officers must first be punished and then action must be taken against the public, he says.

On December 6, 2016, a public notice was issued to those who have violated the rules, in which BBMP directed closure of commercial activities in residential areas. The Palike demanded that the violators close all illegal businesses voluntarily in the limits of BBMP within seven days. Now, BBMP officials have started issuing notices to the violators and in many places force is being used to vacate such businessmen. However, there is confusion as many of these businesses have obtained trade licences from BBMP and are paying commercial tax.

“I agree that all illegal things should be taken out of society and if you are punishing people for it, then punish all. Before starting a business at home or in a residential property, most persons have approached the corporation and they have obtained legal trade licences. Why these licences were issued is a big question in itself. The officials themselves have issued these licences and I feel they may have taken bribes for such permits. So, if you are taking action against those running the businesses, then first, the officers too have to be punished. I have lodged a complaint with the ACB to take action against three IAS officers and other bureaucrats in this regard,” R Ramesh, complainant and RTI activist, told medai.

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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