Side effects of real estate development – frothing lakes in Bangalore


The frothing lakes in Bengaluru have not only disrupted traffic or a good view of the city’s skyline, they have also resulted in a drop in the prices of the prime real estate projects around the lakes, whose USP used to be a pristine view of the water bodies.
Many realtors in Bengaluru advertise their projects offering a view of “Switzerland” with the reality being far away from it. The surroundings, apart from the dirty froth from the lake, also offer a view of open defecation, dumped city garbage and bad infrastructure around them.
The filthy froth from two lakes in Bengaluru has often invaded the roads next to them, becoming a major hazard for the motorists and the commuters in what is ironically known as India’s Garden City. The Bellandur and Yamlur lakes had earlier made news for their toxic content which later caught fire.

In May this year, froth floating in Bellandur Amani lake caught fire, weeks after another city lake – Varthur – made headlines following huge pile of froth floating on it. After the first incident of froth catching fire was reported, the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board officials said it might be because of methane build up on the surface.

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