Skyscrapers in Agra cause pollution in Yamuna: NGT

AGRA: A majority of 13 high-rise residential buildings and hotels in the city, which were inspected by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) local commissioner in a Yamuna floodplain zone related case, have been found to be discharging untreated sewage into the river. A few of them used debris to fill up the floodplains and continued construction.

A question mark on the installation of pillars in the Yamuna to demarcate floodplain zone was also raised with tribunal observing that it has not been fixed properly and work had been carried out with a ‘mala fide’ intention. These facts came to fore in a report submitted on Monday by the NGT-appointed local commissioner Mukesh Kumar Gupta.

The report revealed that at several projects neither had any sewage treatment plant nor sewerage line, while at others where sewage lines are present, they were not connected to the municipal one. One hotel at Mauja-Ghatwasan, Yamuna Kinara road, was found to be running without a STP. However, its sewage line is found to be connected to the municipal one. A portion of it was also reported to be four-meter inside the river.

At few residential colonies in Dayalbagh, sewage lines were found to be nonexistent till some time back and waste from those places were directly flowing into the river through an unauthorized pipeline. An earlier report by the commissioner had revealed that about 100 million litres per day (MLD) of sewage directly goes into the river. The tribunal on Monday took a stern view of the discrepancies related to the Yamuna floodplain zone and said around 80% of them deserved to be demolished.

The NGT on August 9 had appointed its registrar general, Mukesh Kumar Gupta, as local commissioner, while expressing its dissatisfaction over the manner in which the UP government had filed its report on the distance of various real estate projects from the Yamuna flood plain zone. Gupta, in his first report, had stated that according to an estimate by the Agra Municipal Corporation and the Agra Jal Nigam, the city has a sewage discharge of about 289 MLD.

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