Smart cities should be self-sustainable: James Brainhard

James Brainhard, Mayor of City of Carmel, Indiana, US, says the only way to transform a city into a smart city is to make it a place for everyone to prosper in a clean and green environment.

Speaking on a the sidelines of an event on Smart Cities & Sustainability, hosted by Foundation for Futuristic Cities, he said that good schools, a clean and safe environment and space for people to walk to work, all make for a smart city.

Admitting that it is challenging to build such an environment, he said large Indian cities “need to take up one neighbourhood at a time and work on developing it into a smart place.”

It took him nearly two decades to build Carmel with an investment of over $700 million through public-private participation model.

Karuna Gopal, President of Foundation for Futuristic Cities, said these are lessons for India to learn as it takes up smart city projects.

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