Solar power can be harvested from vacant plots

From Bangalore Mirror

Bengaluru: It looks like builders and contractors in the city are now looking at installing solar units on empty sites and harnessing enough power required for construction work. Solar units are working out cheaper than temporary power connection facilities provided by the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom).

In fact, a construction site in Jayanagar 8th Block is completely relying on solar power for its power requirement. Rather than waiting in anticipation for the Bescom’s temporary connection and security deposit that runs into lakhs, engineers and contractors have decided to plug into the sun. Not only have the owners saved Rs 4-5 lakh in the process, they have also invested in a permanent asset for their house to run on.

Giving details of the power plant, Srinivasa CP of JJJ Solar, which has commissioned the plant, told Bangalore Mirror that the model was a win-win situation for both labourers and house-owners. “The temporary connection does not guarantee you power all the time. Cost itself ranges between Rs 4 and 5 lakh to avail temporary connection including security deposit, meter, and cable for a duration of about two years of the construction period. More than anything, the prolonged tedious procedures would disappoint many as not many people have time to meddle with such issues.”

To solve the problem, Srinivasa and his team of engineers set up 4 Kw solar unit on top of the make-shift shed that houses the security and some of the construction material. “The 4 Kw plant is more than enough to cater to our requirements that include pumping of water using 2 hp motor, cutting, drilling, polishing, welding and lifting of materials, and other minor uses. Further, an additional battery back-up, with a capacity of 180 Ah has also been provided to assist workers during night,” Srinivasa explained.

The work on the duplex house, on the 60X40 plot, is expected to last 18 months. “The project would have required a temporary connection costing about Rs 3.5 lakhs for 18 months. But with the same cost, we have set up a power plant whose return on investment (ROI) would also be the same period. Further, it is upgradable to Bescom’s grid-connected net metering roof top solar system, once the construction gets completed. Though the plant has a capacity to generate up to 14 units per day, currently we are generating about 8 to 9 volts. The decrease is due to the dust and shade from neighbouring buildings,” explained Shashi Kumar, yet another electrical engineer.

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