Telangana Govt to provide 2BHK houses in all ULBs

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HYDERABAD: After sanctioning 2 BHK houses and pooling in infrastructure for the poor living in urban areas at IDH Colony in Padmarao Nagar here recently, the Telangana government will provide similar houses with civic amenities in all Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of the State.

Each dwelling unit will have two bedrooms, hall, kitchen and two toilets (bath-cum-toilets) with a plinth area of 560 sq.ft including a staircase and common area, two lofts for storage of household goods and a kitchen having platforms.

The Telangana State Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (TMEPMA) which is the State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) would empanel architects and consultants for preparation of Detail Project Reports (DPRs) for providing 2 BHK Housing for urban poor under the Housing for All (HFA) Scheme launched by the Centre.

The Telangana government has taken up the proposal for providing 2 BHK housing and infrastructure for homeless poor in the state and proposed to dovetail the funds from HFA scheme for the projects to be undertaken in urban areas.

Municipal administration officials said that detailed surveys would be conducted using total station survey for planning the housing project including  infrastructure. The layout would be prepared for the site proposed by the ULBs as per the existing town planning norms.

The layout plan would be prepared to suit the required number of dwelling units on Ground floor,  G+1, G+2 or any other pattern as per the directions of the concerned ULB authorities.

The selected consultant would have to follow all norms and guidelines fixed by governing authorities and agencies like NBO, MoHUPA and State etc.

The consultant should give the structural designs for the most suitable, viable, economical, disaster resistant, structurally stable structure for the housing project. They have to investigate the soil for safe bearing capacity for proposing the foundation type in consent with competent authorities in the ULBs and also following NBC guidelines.

Similarly, consultant would have to design required civic infrastructure in the proposed site. The infrastructure should have roads, storm water drains, water supply, sewage and disposal of sewage and street lighting etc.

The consultants apart from conducting surveys of site proposed by ULBs  for housing scheme for open land development, have to prepare layout plans, obtaining approvals from competent authorities, prepare detailed designs for both housing and infrastructure, assist departments in obtaining approvals, sanctions from concerned executing departments of governments and facilitating the ULBs in finalisation of tenders.


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