Telangana revises lease rental policy for govt land

The Telangana government has revised the lease rental policy of the government lands allotted to government departments as well as private individuals and organisations for various purposes.

The present directions amended the orders issued in united Andhra Pradesh in which the lease rental was fixed as 10 percent of the market value and the lease period being a maximum of 33 years with rental increase by 10 percent every five years.

The Telangana government amended the lease rental issue on Tuesday and decided that rental to be charged for the lands allotted. As per the new directions issued, the rental will be revised every five years based on the market value at the time of revision. Instead of increasing the rental by 10 percent every five years, the government decided to revise market value once in every five years and to fix 10 percent of that as rental for the allotted lands.

When contacted, a section superintendent in Revenue department told the media that the intention of the government in the latest orders was to reflect the increase of market value in the lease rental.

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