Telangana’s 2BHK housing scheme hits more hurdles…

HYDERABAD: Though foundation stones had been laid for double bedroom (2-BHK) houses at various locations in the city in the run-up to the civic polls, there is no sign of work on one of the flagship programmes of the Telangana government.

Several hurdles, including land acquisition, issuing possession certificates to occupants in identified slums and handing over land to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), have derailed the project. Apart from these roadblocks, the government (municipal administration & urban development department) has not yet issued orders pertaining to new building by-laws (as 2-BHK housing is a new scheme) and did not fix the per unit price.

In a related development, the Hyderabad district administration has received a request from GHMC seeking handover of vacant land to construct such houses at 43 slums. Due to non-availability of government land in Hyderabad district, the government has decided to construct 1.85 lakh housing units (in situ) in the slums.

“Instructions were issued to tehsildars to visit the identified slums in their jurisdiction and issue possession certificates. We need nearly 20 acres in the 43 slums in 16 mandals in the district. Once the process of issuing possession certificates is over, the officials have to ensure occupants vacate the area. In fact, it is a big challenge for revenue officials to move the occupants out of their current locations, but we have to convince them to get the benefit,” a source in the Hyderabad collectorate told TOI.

“Later, we will remove the structures and hand over the vacant land to GHMC. There is no specific deadline fixed by the GHMC to hand over the land, but we have to complete the process as quickly as possible,” he added.

At some locations, slums have come up on endowment and wakf land. “We have to approach the departments concerned to coordinate to move the occupants. For this, revenue, endowments and minorities departments have to take up a joint survey,” the revenue official added. Recently, GHMC also passed a resolution on the per unit price. “We will forward it to the government to issue the necessary orders.

According to the resolution, Rs 7.90 lakh per unit was fixed for nine-storied 2-BHK housing and Rs 8.90 lakh per unit for 14-floor project. The government has to examine it and issue a GO,” a senior GHMC official said.

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