Telangana’s 2BHK scheme attracts big companies

The Telangana Government’s much-talked-about flagship programme of housing for the poor has drawn appreciable attention, going by the way multi-national consortia and construction companies with operations in several countries, apart from our very own L & T, are vying with each other to execute it.

A one-day workshop put together by the Housing Department had a dozen companies putting their best foot forward and making power-point presentations in a bid to impress the fledgling Government enough for them to be given a meaty contract.

The Telangana Government’s objective is to make the dreams of a pucca roof over the heads of lakhs of poor. Agencies that made presentations for financial partnership included PWC, Next Wall, USA, KPMG, COO World Haus, Bangalore, GIP LCCE Solutions, Germany and the Australian Rapid Building Group. In the afternoon, builders including Satec Envor Engineering, Mayapraxis, Coffor Constructions, Infinity Architecture India and Krishna Gopal, Architect outlined their plans.

Credits The Hindu

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