Tips to secure your online activities

Helpful online security  tips: 

Subscribe to mobile alerts, so that you will get a message if there is any transaction on your account by any means.

Change passwords regularly, say every 90 days. Ensure that you follow a strong password norm by incorporating a mix of  alpha-numerics, small letters & capitals and special characters. And  protect your wireless connections with strong wi-fi encryption so no one can easily view the data travelling between your devices.

Avoid a Phishing Expedition: Avoid opening unsolicited messages or attachments, particularly from people you don’t know, or clicking on random links.

Report spam email messages, so that others are also protected.

Backup regularly: Backing up important data, in a robust & reliable offline device, is the single most effective way of combating ransomware infection.

Be in Control When Online: Entrust your devices to security software to help protect you against the latest threats. Protect all your devices with a robust, multi-platform solution.

Know Ins and Outs Of Public Wi-Fi Networks: Accessing personal information on unprotected public Wi-Fi. Avoid anything that involves sharing your personal information (paying a bill online, logging in to social media accounts, paying for anything with a credit card, etc.)

Tidy Your (Dis) Connected Home: When installing a new network-connected device, such as a router or smart thermostat, remember to change the default password. If you don’t plan on using the internet feature(s), such as with smart appliances, disable or protect remote access when not needed.

Avoid Sharing Your Card Details: In India a 3D secured platform is used for online transaction, but for most international transactions it is enough to have the CVV number or just the credit card number with its expiry date. Be careful and protect the card details to protect your money.

Inspired by Nitindra Bandyopadhyay

Credits Bangalore Mirror

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