Tips to stay calm in office

Do you get irritated at some point of time at your workplace? Well, it happens with all of us. The reason could be anything for example your boss criticized the work you have done or your co-worker turned up late for a meeting for which you prepared all alone.

It is obvious to get angry and distracted. But don’t you think you harm yourself by doing do? You lose focus and spend time blaming others. In such a situation, you become prone to making poor judgments and regret later.

Don’t do something for which you will regret. Instead, you should learn how to manage such feelings in a constructive manner. And if you are clueless about how you can do this, read below:

1. Empathise with others: Don’t take things personally. If someone has criticized your work or project that does not mean he is critical of you as a person. Try to get into your boss’s shoes. He might be handling too much of work pressure so try to empathize with him.

2. Choose your words carefully: If you are upset over some issue and want to speak to the concerned person. You need to select the right kind of vocabulary to express your feeling in the most appropriate way possible. Saying nasty things can be harmful for your professional life.

3. Keep Calm and take time to respond positively:  Don’t fight with your feelings. When you are angry, don’t try to respond quickly by rationalizing and blaming others. Try to calm down before you start reacting over the matter. Accept your feelings rather than fighting with it. This will help you calm down.

4. Try to disconnect with the situation: If you are upset over something, try to disconnect with the situation physically for example, you can take a walk, step away to call a friend, or take a few deep breaths. This will change your mood.

5. Click pictures when you look angry: Click your own pictures when you’re reacting to your anger. Try to find how do you look, feel and sound when you are upset? Ask yourself if you like your angry look. Now imagine how you can manage your anger and address the situation calmly.

Author: Gunja Deo

Credits Lifehacker

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