TN builders want single window clearance for realty projects

COIMBATORE: Real estate developers have urged for a “transparent single window” system to get layouts approved by the directorate of town and country planning (DTCP).

The demand was made at a meeting of about 1,500 real estate brokers and developers from across the state who had gathered in the city on Tuesday to discuss problems faced by them due to the high court order banning registration or sale of layouts not approved by DTCP. The meeting was organised by the Federation of All India Realtors and Agents Association.

“We admit that DTCP approval is required for properties and we do not have a problem applying for it. But it takes almost six to seven months to get it,” said A Henry, president of the association. “The government should bring a single window transparent approval system and make sure everyone follows it. They should also fix a maximum time (for getting approval).”

The local planning authority (LPA) member secretary, C Mathivanan, however, said that if all the revenue records were correct and the drawings according their rules was perfect the verification is completed and approval comes through in two months.

If it is within corporation limits, the road marked has to be sent for their approval, which takes another one month maximum. If it goes to Chennai DTCP, it takes another one month more.

“The reason it takes six months to a year is because there is usually an applicant, engineer and liason person involved. The licensed surveyor and engineer submit haphazard drawings and just take the money quickly, when we submit corrections, the liason officer does not inform the applicant immediately. So it is a communication gap between them that delays things. If applicants come directly, it will be easier,” he said.

Regarding the issue of unplanned land conversions being stopped, realtors demanded that a new master plan for the city be released every decade. “We have a master plan made in 1994, where prime land in the heart of the city is classified as agriculture. It is probably many decades since agriculture was ever practised there,” said Henry. “With population growing every year, how can we work with a master plan that is 22 years old?”

“The master plan is admittedly outdated. The new one will be out in six months,” said Mathivanan.

The realtors said the state government should permit registration and reregistration of layouts approved by panchayats but not yet by DTCP, till the issue is sorted out. “Till September 9, we were allowed to register and re-register land with a panchayat approval, and based on that knowledge we were buying property on loans. While hereafter we will ensure we get DTCP approval for a proposed layout before we buy and register the land in our names, we want reregistration and sale of land to be allowed for properties already bought by us,” says S Senthil Kumar, state coordinator of the Federation of All India Realtors and Agents Association.

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