Traffic realignment pushes Namma Metro users to reconsider

Article from ET Realty

BENGALURU: At a time when Bengaluru is grappling with alarming rates of air pollution caused by vehicular exhaust, a new traffic regulation on Old Madras Road has made it inconvenient for Namma Metro users to take the train from Byappanahalli Metro Station.

Over a hundred Metro users residing in areas of Eastern Bengaluru beyond Byappanahalli, such as KR Puram, had been parking their vehicles at the Byappanahalli Station to take the Metro towards MG Road for their daily commute after the Purple Line commenced in October 2011. Commuters say that they have been reconsidering their greener choice after the new regulation came into effect two days ago.

“The median is barricaded and we are not allowed to take the U-turn to the station,” said a resident of KR Puram who did not wish to be named. He parks his motorbike and takes the Metro to his workplace on MG Road. Apparently, the change has extended his commute time by twenty minutes or more, which means he will miss two trains.

“Now, we have to take the road all the way up to the Vivekananda Road Station and come back. If I drive so much, I may as well cover the entire stretch by bike,” he said.

Police said that the move was made to reduce the congestion. “It regulates traffic from KR Puram and Sadananda Nag ar,” said the Indiranagar traffic police. Vehicles can now take the U-turn near Suranjan Das Road, he said. Despite this, it is a one-kilometer (to-and-fro) commute on a congested road, and at least another twenty minutes. “Even at that junction, there is sign which says `U-turn not allowed’,” said Nitin Bansal, a resident of Whitefield, who parks his car at the station. “But if we don’t take a U-turn there, we have to go all the way up to Indiranagar.” Bansal said taking the U-turn is not safe either.The public should have been informed of the change and given an alternative, he said.

Nitish Kumar, who also drives to the station from Bagmane Tech Park said: “They must have done it to reduce the traffic, but I think it is only going to add to it.”

Traffic Police, however, claim that the move will definitely ease traffic in the area as metro users are a negligible number.

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